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Donald V Paquette - CEO, President and Webmaster


I was born and brought up as a Mainer and, as such, feel it's important to serve my fellow Mainers with the skills I have managed to gain over my working career.

That working career includes over 40 years of IT experience ranging from computer operator all the way to Systems Consultant. My most recent roll involved piloting a company's conversion of over 10,000 PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7 which has provided me invaluable insight and knowledge in troubleshooting and resolving PC issues.

Our HappyFacePCs tune-up will include removal of viruses, malware, adware and/or spyware as well as applying all Windows and/or computer specific vendor updates as needed. Performance tuning tasks, including Hard Drive clean-up, defragmentation, disk error check/fix, etc., are also performed but improvement will vary depending upon the age, general condition, and resources of the system. We also setup wired and/or wireless home/small business networks for both Windows and Mac PCs. We service Southern Maine York and Cumberland counties. Please contact us to schedule a house call.  

My passion is to make every PC completely virus free and fully optimized, in other words, to put a Happy Face on it!! Due to my experience in the IT field I know firsthand how frustrated people can get when they have problems with their PCs. That is why my mission, as well as this company's, is to make everyone's PC completely happy. Hence our motto is: 

Happy PCs make Happy Users!!

Put a Happy Face on YOUR PC by giving it a complete HappyFacePCs tune-up and make both you and your PC sing Happy tunes again!! Contact us today!!

Donald P,
Jan 4, 2011, 6:46 AM