Services & Specialties

Computer running sloooooooooooowly lately?
Poorly maintained PCs often show these signs:
Adware and spyware violate your privacy and hog system resources.
Programs needlessly start up and "run in the background" every time you start the PC.
Caches fill with useless data.
Temp files build up and clog your hard drive with useless information.
That dark and mysterious land known as the Windows registry gets clogged with garbage.
System crashes and lock ups
Overall slow PC performance
Trouble connecting or frequent disconnects
·         Frequent error messages or the blue screen of death
Make it sing HAPPY tunes again with a complete HappyFacePCs tune-up which includes the below Services and/or Specialties.
Also, please see the attachments below for recaps of 3 recent HappyFacePCs tune-up customers to see for yourself why they are now HAPPY Users!!


  • PC Tune-ups
  • PC Upgrades
  • Virus and Spyware Removal/Protection
  • Install MS Windows Updates
  • Hard Disk Clean-up/defragmentation
  • Hard Disk Error-Checking Scan
  • Disaster Planning
  • Data Recovery/Backup
  • Data Transfer/Removal
  • Wired Networking Setup/Security
  • Wireless Networking Setup/Security
  • Home/Small Business Networking
  • eBay Auction Assistance
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Site Design and Maintenance
  • Internet Connection Sharing
  • Peripheral Installation
  • iPhone and iPod updates
  • GPS Updates
  • Computer Repairs


When it's time for a HappyFacePCs tune-up, every system will have different needs. Specialties we may perform, but are not limited to: 
  • Freeing of hard disk space
  • Freeing of system resources
  • Adjusting of modem properties
  • Installation or removal of Network Components
  • Removal of Ad-ware & Spyware & Viruses
  • Adjust security settings
  • Adjust browser settings
  • Updating of device drivers
  • Installing Windows Updates and Security
  • Hard Drive clean-up/defragmentation(if necessary)
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